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CRN Impact Awards Winner 2017

Surety IT won the CRN Impact Award for 2017 for Working Together for the infrastructure project we designed and implemented and continued support we provide for Chesterfield Australia.

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It was a David and Goliath battle – Brisbane based companies SuretyIT and Cloud Plus have beaten Telstra and Vodafone at the inaugural CRN Impact Awards.  In the end, the ability of the smaller companies to provide the highest quality bespoke solution won the day.

The CRN Impact Awards were set up to recognise IT providers for projects that delivered real benefits for customers.

Cloud Plus and Surety IT were awarded for their partnership on an Information and Communication technology solution contract for John Deere dealer Chesterfield Australia.

“Chesterfield had invested a lot of money in an IT solution that was not working for them. It has 16 remote offices in New South Wales and Queensland, many of which are in regional and rural areas.  Its staff spend a lot of time in paddocks and on farms and they need an agile IT environment.”  Said Geoff Stewart, co-owner of Surety IT

 “Chesterfield approached us to conduct an independent audit. We identified a number of problems and we put a lot of time and energy into finding the right solutions in collaboration with Cloud Plus.  We looked at the impact that the IT problems were having on the end users and identified that this was leading to a lot of inefficiencies and frustrations.  Before we implemented the new solution it was taking their staff up to 30 minutes to print out invoices for customers, now it takes 7 seconds.  That is a massive improvement to their customer service,” said  SuretyIT’s Technology Director, Geoff Stewart.

Since the new environment was deployed, Chesterfield has gained back approximately 15 percent of its workforce hours across 220 staff.

Overall business productivity has improved and Chesterfield’s IT team no longer spend their time firefighting.

Chesterfield General Manager of Business Services Sue Owen said: “Since we started working with Surety IT, we have been able to make sure that the people who are at the front face of the business, out with the customers in paddocks, are connected to our servers and our network and have the information they need readily accessible. That is a massive step forward in how we operate.”

“Being selected as the best collaborative IT project in Australia was a very proud moment for us.  Our team spends a lot of time understanding the needs of all our customers and coming up with the right solutions for them.  The fact that this award recognises our culture of team work is really special,” said Geoff Stewart.

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