Recognising the need for truly customer-focussed IT solutions

Our Process

At Surety IT we have a proven outcome-focussed 'Solutions Path' methodology.

The Surety IT Solutions Path

1. Understand

We work closely with you to understand your business goals, challenges, and ideas.

2. Plan

We then identify the best approach and plan your IT Roadmap.

3. Build

We work collaboratively with you through the building phase to ensure you understand the solution.

4. Maintain

We then launch and maintain your solution, with an appropriate support package.

5. Enhance

We will enhance your system to suit your evolving business and technology requirements.


We listen to your feedback and changing needs, and work with you to plan for the future.

Customer Proposals

Before you become a Surety IT customer we will:

  • Collaborate
    Work with you to understand your business and its challenges, so we have a comprehensive understanding of your needs.
  • Discuss Your Requirements
    We don’t provide take it or leave it proposals. Instead, we will present you with a ‘discussion proposal’ in plain English, with as little technical jargon as possible. We will then work closely with you to refine this, free of charge, until we have the right final proposal for your business.
  • New Customer Transition
    We will work with the relevant stakeholders in your business to ensure your transition to Surety IT is painless, and that both stakeholder and staff requirements and expectations are identified, so that a suitable on-boarding process can be designed.
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Customer Partnerships

Once you become a Surety IT client, it’s about outcomes, not solutions. We work closely with you to:

  • Create a Partnership
    We work in partnership with your business stakeholders to develop a suitable strategy and roadmap that meets your challenges and expectations, whilst also ensuring that you are comfortable with the approach and outcomes. Our aim is to create a long term, mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Build Trust
    We build trust through delivering great outcomes with first-rate customer service, whilst being honest and open. It’s about holding our hands up if things go wrong, taking responsibility, and it’s about advising our customers about what’s right for their business rather than what’s right for ours.
  • Tailor Support
    Our tailored support program again starts by taking the form of a ‘discussion’ proposal document.  There is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and we work in partnership with our customers to design the best-fit support for them.  It’s a flexible program where changes can be made and support changed throughout the life of the contract.

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