Case Study – Scody Performance Wear

The Business Outcomes

  • The productivity and profitability of the business improved.
  • Reliability of the operation of Scody Performance Wear’s IT systems greatly improved.
  • Backup of critical information was reliable and was able to be stored off-site.
  • Issues were resolved faster and there was greater availability of technical resources.
  • Support became more pro-active and the number of issues decreased.
  • Key business stakeholders were able to focus on building the business instead of fire-fighting IT issues.
  • Scody Performance Wear receives IT support within 1 hour of logging a call.
  • The key stakeholders work in partnership with Surety IT to deliver the outcomes around technology that the business needs in it’s very competitive market.
  • There is open and honest communication between the business and Surety IT so that any issues are identified and addressed quickly before they have a chance to fester.

The Challenge

In January 2016 we received an enquiry from Bernard Schreiber, the Managing Director of Scody Performance Wear.  They were struggling with outdated and unreliable IT systems and weren’t getting the pro-active and responsive IT support they needed as a growing business.

At the time, Scody Performance Wear were dealing with many IT challenges, including:

  • Unreliable and poor response times from existing IT provider for issues leading to order and manufacturing delays.
  • Old servers that were running out of disk space impacting the graphic artists and design staff’s ability to create new designs and to be productive.
  • Inadequate systems’ security.
  • Failing backups.
  • Lots of email spam.
  • Slow internet performance, even though the business was on a business grade fibre connection.
  • Poor wireless connectivity which was impacting the ability of office staff to be mobile around the office.

Scody Performance Wear was a growing business and they needed their IT systems to be reliable and have good performance, particularly around the graphic design and design areas.

Bernard asked Surety IT if we could help them with their existing challenges and develop a strategy to support their changing requirements and their growing business.

The Solution

To address the challenges and issues, we implemented our solutions path – a proven process of insight and action that sees us: understand, plan, build, maintain, enhance.

We took a very collaborative and consultative approach and by clearly understanding the issues and challenges that Scody Performance Wear were facing, we were able to plan and build the right solution for them that delivered the outcomes they needed.

The process also allowed us to explain our approach to Bernard and the other key stakeholders in a way that they understood and could visualise.

The solution and support was tailored specifically for Scody Performance Wear.  It was reliable, responsive and flexible.

Key aspects of the overall solution were –

  • We provided a tailored IT strategy and IT road map that detailed agreed upon priorities, budgets, timescales and responsibilities over a 3 year period.
  • Designed and implemented a suitable backup strategy for on-site and off-site backups.
  • A hybrid solution with a mix of in-house and cloud based solutions.
  • Improved security around critical information assets and IT systems.
  • Provided a tailored support solution that catered for the outcomes that Scody Performance Wear needed.
  • Fully documented Scody Performance Wear’s IT infrastructure and made the documentation available for the business.
  • Are still the ‘one number to call’ for the business in terms of IT support for third party applications.

The help that we get on daily computer issues is fantastic.  The value you get from using a company like Surety IT is that they are seeing alot of different situations and they are also doing alot of research, so we benefit from that.

We have over the years used many different software and service providers and I’d rank Surety IT at the top.”

Bernard Schreiber – Managing Director, Scody Performance Wear

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