How To Effectively Implement New Technology In Your Business

There are some fantastic new technologies available to businesses including Cloud Computing, Mobility and Unified Communications that can help you reduce costs, streamline process and provide increased flexibility.

However, unless you have a clear understanding of your business processes, can integrate your solution with other systems, and have true staff buy-in, there is a great risk that your new technology could become an expensive and ineffective tool.

We’ve put together some critical tips on how to effectively implement new technology in your business.

1. Define your business processes

Before implementing a new IT system it is crucial to map out the Information flow and truly understand your business process. A big mistake some companies make is to pick their technology solution before understand their requirements.

If you’re unsure where to start there is lots of helpful information online to walk you through defining your business process.

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2. Avoid Fragmented Solutions

What information needs to be passed seamlessly between systems? It is essential that your technical systems to talk to each other.

For instance, if your business runs CRM, ERP and scheduling systems that aren’t integrated and all updates between systems are processed manually, you are missing out on the true benefits of such technology. Effective end-point solutions require a single source of truth.

3. Understand Your Staff

It’s amazing how many businesses implement an IT system that they are think is going to be wonderful, however, when it’s implemented no-one uses it.

If you haven’t determined staff skills levels and requirements, tested it on the right staff, or haven’t trained the staff properly, chances are you will expend time, money and effort on a system that is, at best, underutilized.

Start by asking simple questions:

What generation is your staff? Are they ‘digital native’ millennials for whom technology comes naturally, or are they baby boomers who have used paper-based communications for the majority of their work life, and are resistant or scared of new technology?

Who do you think is the most resistant to change, and how can you guide them through new technology?

4. Choose the right IT company

Find an experienced and trustworthy IT company who can build your IT Strategy and technology solutions, then guide you through the journey with your staff. This will give you the best chance to effectively implement new technology and solutions to grow and future-proof your business.

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