Managing the IT Setup for a New Office

Managing the IT Setup for a New Office

All businesses evolve over time, and sooner or later you will find yourself moving to a new office. A new office space is an excellent opportunity to explore your ideas and take your business to new heights. But it’s also an opportunity for new challenges, and the IT setup for a new office is often one of the most time-consuming aspects. Your IT setup allows your business to function smoothly. Without it, employees will struggle, client requests will go unanswered and your critical data may be totally inaccessible. If you want to avoid that hassle, you’ll need to work with your IT team to develop a plan that hits the checkpoints we’ll be discussing in this article.

1. Make Your Arrangements for the Move

Relocating your business is an extensive process. There are thousands of things you will need to do along the way, but managing your IT setup is among the most important. Start making your arrangements as soon as you sign your new lease. The more time you have to plan the move, the less likely you are to forget something along the way. In the months leading up to the transition you should:

  • Contact your internet service provider, utilities providers and other carriers to activate the services you need at the new office
  • Schedule a site visit through the leasing company so that your IT team has a chance to assess the property
  • Speak to your IT and software providers and let them know about the move
  • Arrange call forwarding if your phone number is going to change

2. Assess Your Current Needs and Equipment

Moving to a new office is bound to come with changes, especially if your business is growing. That transition can be challenging. It can also be an excellent opportunity to upgrade, consolidate and expand your core IT infrastructure. Set a meeting with your IT service provider and perform a comprehensive review of all your equipment, systems, software and services. Compare these things to your current needs and your projected needs over the next 5 years. Make a note of any areas of improvement. You don’t necessarily have to invest in new equipment during the move, but you can certainly plan the infrastructure you’ll need to upgrade your systems at a later date.

3. Visit the New Office with a Professional IT Team

You not only need to assess your current equipment, you need to assess your new location. Schedule a site visit and take a professional IT team with you so you can discuss your potential need for managed IT services Brisbane wide. An IT expert will be able to inspect the property and its existing infrastructure. With their help, you’ll be able to plan a more efficient move and account for any upgrades the site needs to support your business. If you don’t have an in-house IT team, it’s possible to work with outsourced managed IT providers. They will be able to assist with your move and can provide an expert opinion on whether the new location is compatible with your requirements.

When visiting the new site, your IT professionals will be looking out for:

  • The condition and availability of phone, power and data cabling
  • The number and location of power points
  • The number and location of network points
  • Secure spaces that can be used for onsite servers
  • Whether the existing network can handle your communications and network demand

4. Double Check Your Data Backups and Recovery Plan

In the weeks before the move, you need to double check your data backup system. Schedule a comprehensive system backup to occur close to the move date so that all of your most recent data is available if something goes wrong. It’s also worth consulting your IT provider about how your data recovery plan will be affected by the move. You could spend up to a week shifting offices. In that time you will be largely disconnected from your data, so you need to ensure that recovery plans are active, even when you’re not.

5. Make a Backup Plan

Setting up a new office doesn’t always go to plan. If there is a problem with the moving service, utilities providers or your new property, you could find yourself without a workspace. Whenever you’re getting ready to move into a new office, make sure your staff know what to do if something goes wrong. Will you work from home temporarily? Will you be able to stay in your old office for a little longer? Who should your staff contact for updates about the move? Communicating a plan to your staff ensures that the business keeps moving, even if something goes wrong.

6. Thoroughly Test Your New Setup

There are sure to be teething problems with any IT setup for a new office. You may run into simple problems with your computers or networks, or you could be facing prolonged outages due to things like server downtime. Having a professional IT team run thorough equipment tests minimises the risk of something going wrong in those first few weeks. While running tests you should make sure that:

  • The office layout is correct
  • All equipment is installed where it needs to be
  • The internet connection is running at full speed and that the wi-fi works
  • Incoming calls and call-forwarding systems are working
  • Automatic data backups are being taken
  • Your email server is functioning properly

If everything looks good, your team can get back to work as normal.

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Plan Your IT Setup for a New Office with the Experts from Surety IT!

Moving to a new office is always an exciting experience. If you want the move to go to plan, you’ll need to work closely with your dedicated team from Surety IT! Surety IT is a managed IT service provider that works with businesses across Brisbane. Our experienced team is available to help with everything from setting up your new office to upgrading systems, updating your IT strategy and developing state-of-the-art security and backup solutions. Whether your business is growing, evolving or simply relocating, Surety IT can provide support and advice throughout the process. You can find out more about our managed IT services on our website, or contact us today to discuss the IT setup for your new office! 

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