Jason McKenzie

Jason is the glue that keeps the business together. The calmness in the storm and the level head on broad shoulders.

He has an excellent knowledge of business and is a great out of the box thinker. He was a state finalist in the Australian Institute of Management Awards in 2014 and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the CEO Institute.

Jason’s passion is business outcomes and ensuring whatever work Surety IT undertake that we deliver 100% of the time and provide the outcomes that the customer is looking for.

He also prides himself in ensuring that the customer service that Surety IT provides is of an extremely high standard.

Jason is an industry expert for Queensland and Victorian Leaders and is a member of Queensland Leaders Founders and Alumni.

We call him the negotiator, cars, tvs, caravans, tents, you name it, Jason can get a better price!

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