Surety IT Security Alert – January 2019

Surety IT provides a monthly alert of the scams impacting Australian businesses including phishing scams, malware attacks and security

You need to be particularly aware of –

1. Telstra Bill Notifications

  • Masquerading as a bill notification from Telstra
  • Email is in plain text with no Telstra Branding
  • Advises recipients that their latest bill is ready to be viewed


  • Recipients who click on the link ‘View Bill’ are redirected to what currently shows as a loading page and is likely a Telstra branded
    phishing page or a malicious file download.

2. Returned Email Messages

  • Using a display name of ‘Message Center’ or ‘Message Centre’, this latest phishing scam advises recipients that their incoming
    messages are being returned.





  • Those who click on the ‘Recover Messages’ or ‘Click Here’ links are redirected to a legitimate looking fake Office 365 login page.

3. Bomb Threats Email Scam

  • Part of an extortion phishing scam and using random display names, cybercriminals are sending emails threatening to cause physical harm.



  • With circulation beginning in December 2018, the format and basic features of these emails are very similar to extortion scams seen
  • Two different variations of the email scam are being sent.
  • Appearing in plain-text format, the body of the email advises recipients that an explosive device has been placed in their building.
  • The second variant of the email advises recipients that someone has paid the sender of the email to ‘splash acid in their face’ or
    ’empty sourness in your visage’.
  • Both emails claim that if payment is made, the recipient will not be harmed.

4. Office 365

  • This latest scam detected is designed to steal your Office 365 login credentials.
  • Using a display name of “Message Center”, the emails appear to be sent from several compromised mail servers in Japan.
  • Appearing in plain-text, the email informs recipients that some incoming messages were rejected.



  • A link is included to ‘recover messages now’ which redirects to a fake login page incorporating the branding and logo of Office 365.



  • Those who click on the link will be asked to enter the login credentials on the fake site.
  • After the details have been collected by the scammers, they are then redirected to the legitimate Office 365 website.

5. CBA

  • In this latest email phishing scam, cybercriminals have spoofed the Commonwealth Bank.
  • Using the display name ‘Commbank’, the emails are titled “You’ve a new account statement – it includes an important notice”.
  • Appearing in plain-text format, the email contains a link to ‘read my statement now’.



  • If the link is clicked, victims are taken to a fake NetBank login page.


  • With the email containing formatting and grammatical errors, this phishing scam has obvious red flags for those vigilant on spotting email
  • Whilst the subject line is commonly used in legitimate notifications from CBA, account holders would know that they would never be
    directed to click on a link to view statements but instead login to there account to view the statement.

6. Energy Australia Brandjacked

  • Using a display name of ‘Energy Australia’, Australian inboxes are being flooded with fake ebill notifications claiming to be from
    Energy Australia
  • Advises the recipient that their latest bill is ready to be viewed



  • Should the ‘View eBill’ link be clicked, recipients will be led to a malicious file download or to a blank page.
  • The red flag on this email is the lack of a personalised addressee, the email states ‘Dear Customer’ as opposed to addressing any
    customers directly.

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