Technology Stories Making Headlines June 2019

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Huawei Scraps Laptop Launch

Huawei has scrapped the launch of a new laptop as US trade sanctions prevent it from using Microsoft software and Intel Processors. Huawei
CEO Richard Yu confirmed the move saying the firm has "indefinitely postponed’ the launch of the new Windows laptop which was due to
debut at CES Asia. The CEO also noted that, if Huawei remains on the blacklist for the foreseeable future, the laptop will not be able
to be launched. This is the first product the company has been forced to cancel as a result of the US sanctions imposed last month.

Telstra Accelerates Job Cuts, Junks Legacy IT

Telstra have stated that they will have 6000 of 9500 slated job cuts "announced" by the end of the financial year, 6 months
earlier than it outlined previously. Issuing fresh guidance on restructuring costs related to its T22 simplification and downsizing
strategy, $700 million has been brought forward into the 2019 financial year – broken down into $200 million for labour shedding and
$500 million in write-offs for junked legacy systems and related hardware that has been replaced by modern technology.

Cisco Security Spotlights Microsoft Office 365

In a Cisco security blog focusing on the Office 365 phishing issue, Ben Nahorney has written that research from security vendor Agari
Data has found that there has been a steady increase in the number of phishing emails impersonating Microsoft which accounted for more than
half of all brand impersonations seen in the last quarter. The phishing campaigns usually take the form of an email from Microsoft
requesting the recipient to login and reset their password or that there is a problem with an account needing attention.

ACCC: Half a billion lost to scams in 2018

Small business were the most scammed corporate cohort last year, accounting for more than half of the $7.2 million businesses lost to
fraudsters according to figures released by the ACCC. More than 3000 small businesses lost more than $4.5 million to scam activity last
year, with false billing, investment scams, hacking and phishing emerging as the most successful schemes. Reports to watchdog Scamwatch
increased 8% and losses increased by 58%. In one case a business was scammed out of $190,000 after a hacked supplier requested a change
in bank details.

Westpac Cyber Attack

Westpac have come under heavy fire after a cyber attack exposed the banking details of 98,000 Westpac customers. The hack on the bank’s
PayID feature was confirmed on the 3rd June. It is believed that seven fraudulent accounts worked to generate a series of random numbers
which eventually coincided with real phone numbers registered in the app and revealed bankers’ names. A spokesman for Westpac has said
"No customer bank account numbers were compromised as a result of the breach and that additional preventative actions have been

Qantas warns 5G could interfere with Plane WIFI

Qantas has warned it may have to switch off its satellite-powered wifi services below 10000 feet if 5G is allowed to operate in the same
spectrum arguing that the 28GHZ band should only be used for satellite services and not be open to other users. The airline has said
that its engineering applications, as well as the ‘gate-to-gate’ experience to users was threatened by the encroachment of competing
uses for the 28GBz bandwidth that the wifi service used.

Telstra Reveals 5G Plans

Telstra has revealed the plans it will offer for its first 5G phone will be at least $129. This figure applies to a two-year contract
covering the 256GB version of the phone at $25 a month plus a $119/month plan with a 160GB data allowance discounted to $129 with the
512GB version of the phone costing an extra $10 a month. Telstra will also offer a $199 month plan with unlimited data.

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