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Data Breach Warning

The annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations report collates information from more than 2000 confirmed breaches that hit organisations
over all over the world, it also logs information about more than 40000 spam and malware campaigns and web attacks. In light of this report,  security
expert Bryan Sartin has warned that data breaches are a “time bomb” under companies that let customer information go astray.
Mr Sartin has also said that “When it comes to account takeover, senior executives are getting hit hard right now; however on a
positive note, the report showed only 3% of those targeted fell victim, compared to 12% in the 2018 report.

Facebook Sues Rankwave

South Korean firm Rankwave is being sued by Facebook for unlawfully using data to sell marketing and advertising. The social media giant
is asking a judge to force an audit of the firm’s activity to see if user data was obtained and sold. Unable to say how much data or how
many users are affected, the move would send a message to developers that Facebook is serious about enforcing their policies. Accused of
using 30 different apps to ‘track and analyse’ comments and likes on Facebook pages, Rankwave has failed to co-operate with efforts to
verify compliance with Facebook’s policies.

Facial Recognition System Rollout Rushed

In a report obtained by the ABC, the biggest mass surveillance operation known to be used by Australian Police was so rushed, it lacked
the data to operate effectively. Used in Queensland at the Commonwealth Games, it had so few specific targets that it ended up being
used for general policing which turned up only five identities out of the 268 requested. The report found that “Difficulties were
experienced in data ingestion into one of the systems with the testing and availability not available until the week the Games security
operation commenced”.

Cyber Flashing is the new iPhone Safety Threat

Australian online safety experts have issued warnings regarding a rise in the new digital phenomenon know as “cyber flashing”,
where explicit and abusive images are sent to strangers iPhones anonymously. Prevalent in schools and public places, the iPhone’s
AirDrop feature is being exploited in order to share the unsolicited images, amongst both children and adults. The AirDrop technology
allows one person to blast content onto other devices within a 20 to 30 metre radius and provides a preview of that image in enough
detail that you can see whatever the image is.

Uber raises US$8.1 Billion

In one of the biggest technology industry listings in the US Market, Uber has made its public company debut, raising AU$11.5 billion with
the completion of its initial public offering and listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Media reports put Uber, since its commenced
operating in 2009 at completing more than 10 billion rides and operating in more than 60 countries, including Australia which is
reported to have nearly 4.3 million people aged 14+ now travelling with Uber.

Hackers claim to have Breached US Anti-Virus Firms

Fxmsp, a collective that communicates in both Russian and English appear to have hacked three top unnamed anti-virus companies located
in the US and are offering to sell source code plus network access for more than US$300,000. AdvIntel – a security firm – has said that they
have alerted law enforcement to these claimed intrusions and made the claim on the 24th April following intense efforts by Fxmsp during
the first quarter of 2019.

ACCC Opposes TPG-Vodafone Merger

The Australian Competition and Comsumer Commission has been forced to announce it is opposed to the merger between TPG Telecom and
Vodafone Hutchison Australia as it considers that the merger would reduce competition and contestability in the fixed broadband sector.
In information inadvertently published online, ACCC announced it’s opposition 1 day earlier than scheduled, TPG shares fell by about 14%
as a result of the announcement.

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