What Is Cloud Computing and How Does it Support Business Objectives?

Modern businesses have access to more powerful IT systems than ever before. With the ability to reshape the way you work, the right IT infrastructure is the best tool for meeting your business objectives. Cloud computing services are among the most popular IT solutions for modern businesses. Highly scalable and infinitely flexible, cloud computing is perfect for businesses of all sizes, from sole-traders to multinational companies. In this article we’ll dive deeper into cloud computing and discuss some of the ways it can support your business goals and objectives.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a type of IT service that delivers computing power, storage, databases, software, networks and analytics over the internet (also known as “the cloud”). Some of the most common types of cloud computing for businesses include:

  • Cloud storage. Files stored on the cloud can be accessed securely from anywhere in the world. They can also be synched across multiple devices so that everyone has access to the latest version.
  • Cloud backups. Dedicated cloud backups provide a simple system to automatically backup and restore files from cloud storage.
  • Cloud processing. Cloud processing allows you to access huge amounts of processing power for complex analytics applications.
  • Software as a service (SaaS). Many new software packages come with cloud computing built in. Simple applications like Microsoft Office are cloud-enabled, but SaaS extends to many of the business world’s most common software packages.

Reduced IT Expenses

One of the major benefits of cloud computing services is their cost. Managing and maintaining in-house IT systems is expensive. A small business might be able to get away with using simple computers and networks, but many business owners quickly outgrow basic IT infrastructure.
When it’s time to upgrade your system, you could invest thousands of dollars (or more) into purchasing your own equipment. Or, you could invest a simple monthly fee into cloud computing. Because cloud computing services give you access to computing power over the internet, you won’t need to worry about paying to set up your own IT infrastructure. Instead, you can use any device to access your files, backups and software, all for a fraction of the cost of establishing and maintaining in-house systems.

Greater Scalability

The fee structure for most cloud computing services or outsourced IT Support means you only pay for what you use. For example, cloud storage is often charged based on the amount of space you need. Not only does that make cloud computing affordable for businesses of every size, it means your cloud services can grow alongside the company. If one of your business objectives is to grow, you’ll be able to increase your usage of cloud computing services easily. With no need to pay for new software or upgrade hardware onsite, cloud services offer simple and affordable scalability.

Improved Collaboration

The rise of remote working has seen many businesses scramble to make their systems more accessible for diverse teams. With remote working trends continuing, cloud computing services are one of the simplest ways to make important files, software and networks available to everyone on your team. Because cloud services are delivered over the internet, anyone on your team can access your systems at any time, from wherever they are. That means your business can enjoy the benefits of real-time collaboration, including having the option to attract skilled employees from across the world.

Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery

Recent data from Norton shows that cyber security threats are on the rise, with more than 2,200 data breaches occurring every day. When your business relies on the strength of its proprietary information, cloud computing can provide the security you need. Remote cloud computing services come with enterprise-grade security measures that simply aren’t viable for small businesses to install on their own. This additional layer of security means that your backups are secure, and that they’ll always be available for recovery in the event of disasters. Ultimately, this protects your business’ reputation, and it helps build trust with your clients.

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