What’s the Best Phone System for a Small Business?

Much of the modern business world is run online. You can contact a business, place an order and receive your products, all without having to talk to an actual staff member. But that’s not to say that phone systems have gone out of fashion! The right phone system can go a long way to improving productivity and your relationships with customers. So, what’s the best phone system for a small business? We’re going to find out in the article below.

What Is a Business Phone System?

Business phone systems are multi-line phones that allow your employees to easily communicate with clients and with each other. These dedicated solutions differ from the phone systems you’ll find around the house. Business phone systems include advanced features and integrations that make them uniquely suited to the business world. There are thousands of different business phone systems available, but most of them use one of two technologies:

  • VoIP. Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems use your internet connection to make and receive phone calls, rather than using a landline. VoIP phone systems are increasingly popular with small businesses due to their simplicity, affordability and huge range of features.
  • PBX. A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system is a type of phone system that uses dedicated phone lines to create a private network within your business. While a PBX is less flexible than VoIP systems, they’re often more secure and may be better for large-scale companies.

What Is the Best Phone System for a Small Business?

Most small businesses will see a greater return when using a VoIP phone system. The affordability and simplicity of VoIP technology means it’s simple to find a phone system that meets your needs and budget. Plus, with lower hardware requirements, setting up VoIP phones is often DIY-friendly.
While there are lots of small business phone systems on the market, we typically recommend one of three providers:

  • Yabbit – Yabbit is an affordable, all-in-one communication system that’s perfect for small businesses. Not only does Yabbit provide regular calling functions, it offers seamless CRM integration, powerful analytics and mobile compatibility for remote and hybrid working.
  • Microsoft Teams Phone – Microsoft continues to produce some of the world’s best small business systems. Microsoft Teams Phone is a VoIP system that can be easily integrated with your existing networks. Providing simple set up, secure communication and excellent remote working features, Microsoft Teams Phone is an advanced and affordable system.
  • 3CX – 3CX is among the most fully-featured communications platforms for small businesses. 3CX works as a phone system, but it also provides support for video conferencing, messaging and integrations with website chatbots. If your small business needs an all-in-one solution, 3CX is an affordable and powerful alternative to traditional phone lines.

How to Choose the Best Phone System

Any new system can be a major investment for a small business. To make sure you’re spending your money in the right place, it’s important to do your research and weigh up your options. There are a few main things to consider when it comes to choosing phone systems:

  • Budget. This is the biggest factor for most small businesses. Phone systems range from a few dollars per month to thousands. There are major differences in the simplicity and features of each system, but it’s important to work within your budget.
  • Features. Small business phone systems come with all sorts of features. Call forwarding, CRM integrations, voicemail services, caller ID – the list is endless. Spare a thought for which features you’ll actually use, and avoid paying for the ones you won’t.
  • Hardware requirements. Modern VoIP phone systems have very low hardware requirements. They often integrate with your existing networks and computers seamlessly. On the other hand, PBX systems typically require dedicated hardware and phone lines for each user, making the hardware expense much greater.
  • Number of users. Most small business phone systems come with limitations on the number of users. In some cases this is simply based on the level of service you’re paying for. For other systems, the number of users may be limited by the hardware. Make sure the system you invest in is suitable for the size of your team.
  • Scalability. Is your business growing? Your IT systems will need to change alongside your team, and that means your phone system needs to scale to meet your needs.

Choose the Best Small Business Phone System with Surety IT!

A high quality business phone system is a great tool for growing your business. Improving the way you communicate with customers isn’t just good for your bottom line, it also makes your employees’ lives easier. If you’re looking for help choosing, upgrading or installing a small business phone system, get in touch with Surety IT! Surety IT offers managed IT support for small businesses across Brisbane. Our team of experts is equipped to handle any requests, from one-off projects to ongoing IT management. Our outsourced business IT support services are designed to provide everything you need to grow your business without the expense of maintaining an in-house team. If you’re ready to find out more, contact us online and book your free IT Health Check!

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