Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

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Cyber crime is an ongoing threat to Australian businesses. Recent research shows that 70% of businesses are completely unprepared, which is why Surety IT offers cyber security services to help protect you against threats. We offer multiple security packages that are tailored to suit companies of every size, so our experts can design a solution that provides the peace of mind you need.

Explore Our Cyber Shield Security Packages

Surety IT helps businesses of all sizes with our tailored Cyber Shield security packages. As a business owner, you can choose from our intermediate Cyber Shield Vanguard package, or Cyber Shield Elite, our most advanced cyber security solution.

These two packages are designed with businesses in mind. They include everything you need to protect your data, employees and customers against emerging threats online. This secures your business against attacks, makes compliance a breeze and ensures staff are on guard against the shadows of the internet.

FeaturesCyber Shield VanguardCyber Shield Elite
SaaS ProtectionXX
Endpoint Detection and ResponseXX
Multi-Factor AuthenticationXX
Vulnerability ScansXX
Advanced SOCXX
Online Cyber Security TrainingXX
Dark Web MonitoringXX
Password Management ToolXX
Real-Time Threat MonitoringXX
Compliance ManagementX
Custom Policies and ProceduresX

What’s Included in Our Cyber Shield Security Packages

SaaS Protection

Secure your Microsoft 365 applications and data with SaaS Protection that allows you to operate confidently knowing your data is safe from malicious attacks.

Advanced Security Operations Centre

Our cyber security services provide access to our Security Operations Centre (SOC). Our SOC delivers 24/7 monitoring to swiftly respond to incidents.

Password Management

Simplify and enhance your security with our robust password management tool that eliminates the need to remember multiple, complex passwords.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Take a proactive approach to cyber security with endpoint detection and response that identifies and neutralises threats in real time before they escalate.

Online Cyber Security Training

We strengthen your cyber security strategy across the board by providing training, tips and tricks to help your staff manage and mitigate human risks.

Compliance Manager

Your dedicated Compliance Manager ensures you meet all industry specific compliance standards, demonstrate adherence, mitigate risks and avoid penalties.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Fortify your systems with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) that makes it tougher for threats to intrude and improves the way you access your systems.

Dark Web Monitoring

We’ll protect you from the worst of the internet by monitoring the dark web for signs of your business’ sensitive information and providing alerts if data is found.

Real-Time Threat Monitoring

Stay protected at any time of the day or night with real-time threat monitoring that can identify and respond to threats, preventing damage to your business.

How We Work

Our cyber security services are designed to support your business, vulnerabilities and security environment. With experienced technicians and decades in the industry, our solutions are unmatched in effectiveness and affordability.

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Surety IT will sit down with your team and get to know your business. Our cyber security strategies are based on your specific needs, so we want to know all about your business, threats, IT infrastructure and plans for the future.

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Gathering that information allows us to plan effective cyber security solutions. Our solutions can include software, hardware, infrastructure and training, ensuring you have everything you need to protect your business.

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With a plan in place, we’ll build your cyber security platform and implement any software or hardware changes required. We’ll also schedule a time to work with your team and provide practical training and security education.


Cyber threats are always evolving, so your strategy is maintained and monitored by our experts. We can tailor a cyber security package that incorporates regular updates to ensure you’re always one step ahead.

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We’re always learning, and the data we collect allows us to enhance our service offering. Our cyber security services can be adapted to suit any environment, so we can make changes whenever required.

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Surety IT continuously develops new solutions to provide the best service possible. As threats evolve, we can be there to update your systems, offer advice and educate your staff on changing security measures.

The Benefits of a Professional Cyber Security Services

Comprehensive Protection
Our cyber security services in Brisbane provide multiple levels of protection. This ensures your digital ecosystem is safeguarded at every point of access.

Proactive Threat Management
Stay ahead of the curve with proactive threat detection and response. This allows us to detect threats and provide a swift response that minimises your risk.

Compliance Management
Avoid penalties and demonstrate adherence to the industry’s compliance standards with a package for cyber security in Brisbane that’s tailored to suit your business environment.

Data Protection
Keep every bit of your data secure at all times. This not only protects information, it protects employees, customers and your brand’s reputation from harm.

Advanced Threat Response
We identify and respond to threats promptly. This minimises the risk to your business, improves uptime and creates a more stable system for your operations.

Competitive Advantage
Cyber security is an investment that demonstrates your commitment to data security, providing peace of mind for customers and setting your business apart.

Improved Cyber Insurance Opportunities
The robust security measures provided by Surety IT may allow you to access favourable or reduced insurance premiums, minimising your expenses.

Peace of Mind
No matter what industry you’re in, you can rest easy knowing a cyber security consultant is looking after your critical data, allowing you to focus on the things you do best.

Why Choose Surety IT

Surety IT will design an effective cyber security strategy by building a partnership with your business.

From the initial consultation, Surety IT will make the time to learn about your brand. Whatever goals you have in mind, we can design a Cyber Shield solution that supports your staff, protects your data and helps to minimise your security risks.

Get in touch with a cyber security consultant if you’re ready to find out more! 

Learn More About Cyber Security Solutions

At the core of our principles lies a firm commitment to keeping our clients in the loop, ensuring they are always well-informed about the ever-evolving world of technology and cyber security. We firmly believe in empowering you with the opportunity to expand your knowledge and delve deeper into the boundless realm of technology.

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Cyber Security FAQs

A vulnerability is a flaw in the design of your cyber security system. A threat is a potential threat that could exploit a vulnerability. A risk is the potential for damage or loss when a threat exploits a vulnerability.

Your cyber security strategy should directly address these three elements. It’s not enough to guard against one. For example, you could use a firewall to prevent potential attacks on your network. Your firewall may prevent most threats, but the risk is still high, because a successful attack would give the threat actor access to all your files.

In this case, the ideal cyber security strategy would include a firewall to protect against threats, data encryption to manage the risks of data that is stolen, and regular testing to identify vulnerabilities.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a cyber security protocol that requires users to show two forms of identification when accessing data (such as user accounts). 2FA dramatically reduces the risk when passwords are guessed, hacked or shared with the wrong people.

For example, it’s common for 2FA systems to request a password and then send a verification code to a nominated phone number. If the user’s password is ever compromised, the threat still won’t be able to access the account if they can’t get the verification code.

A firewall secures your network and prevents cyber attacks by monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic. This safeguards your network against unauthorised access which may lead to the loss or destruction of important data.

The most common implementation of firewalls is the software firewall. A software firewall inspects data moving in and out of your network and compares it against known threats. The data is discarded if it matches a threat.

Software and hardware firewalls should be implemented by professionals offering cyber security Brisbane wide. Businesses typically have greater security needs, so your system should be designed by a cyber security consultant.

A vulnerability assessment is used to detect existing flaws in your cyber security systems. On the other hand, penetration testing attempts to exploit those vulnerabilities and identify which flaws pose a genuine threat to your business.

It’s recommended that your cyber security strategy be subject to both a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. These two tests work together to show where improvements are required and how to minimise the risk to your business.

The most common types of cyber security attacks are:

  • Internal threats
  • Malware
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
  • Phishing
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • SQL injection
  • DNS tunnelling

Cyber security threats are on the rise around the world. There are millions of cyber attacks every year, and they often use one of the methods listed above. A strong cyber security strategy can identify and address these main threats. In addition, your strategy should include an internal risk assessment and training to minimise the risk of employees intentionally or accidentally compromising data.

A team that offers cyber security services in Brisbane wide can put together a strategy and training package that manages these threats and keeps critical data safe.

The best way to keep yourself up to date on the latest cyber security news is to follow reputable sources. Companies such as Cisco, McAfee, Microsoft and Check Point regularly distribute blogs, articles and newsletters with cyber security news, updates and best practices.

You can also keep up with the news by visiting the Surety IT blog. Our cyber security consultants are always on top of the latest threats, and we provide industry updates that help manage the risk to your business.

A cyber security risk assessment is a test that defines potential cyber threats, identifies vulnerabilities, and determines the risk to your business.

This helps our cyber security consultants figure out your actual cyber risks and audit the effectiveness of your system. From there, a professional can develop a cyber security strategy that lines up with your needs and objectives.

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