IT Due Diligence

Expert due diligence & IT systems reviews to identify issues and risks.

When it comes to IT systems, preventative measures are better than responsive actions. Recurring IT issues can cost you time and money. Similarly, unidentified IT issues in a new business you purchase can be a significant and unplanned business risk.

Surety IT has many years of experience reviewing IT systems and identifying potential and current infrastructure issues. We also conduct due diligence on new business purchases, to identify potential IT issues before you buy.

With Surety IT’s digital risk due diligence you’ll receive a clear report, detailing your IT systems health, along with a risk ‘heatmap’ which will clearly show areas of risk. We not only consider technology, but also contracts, intellectual property protection, and procedures and processes.

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Benefits for your Business

  • A clear understanding of the state of the IT environment
  • A report suitable for your board
  • Identified risks with estimated costs to remediate
  • A prioritised, clear plan on what needs addressed
  • A collaborative approach
  • Flexibility and scalability

If you’re thinking of buying a business or need someone to perform an independent audit, then Contact Us and ask us about our IT due diligence to make sure there are no areas of concern.

IT Due Diligence Features

To get your business IT systems back to health, contact Surety IT today.

How We Work

1. Understand

We work closely with you to understand your business goals, challenges, and ideas.

2. Plan

We then identify the best approach and plan your IT Roadmap.

3. Build

We work collaboratively with you through the building phase to ensure you understand the solution.

4. Maintain

We then launch and maintain your solution, with an appropriate support package.

5. Enhance

We will enhance your system to suit your evolving business and technology requirements.


We listen to your feedback and changing needs, and work with you to plan for the future.

Why Choose Surety IT for IT Due Diligence?

We work closely with clients to understand business needs and develop tailored support and solutions.

Surety IT will work with you to understand your business and tailor the right IT Support solution for you.

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