IT System Health Check

Review your current IT performance with an IT Health Check

If you’re not happy with your current IT Systems or service, or you don’t know if your current IT systems are in good health or bad health then we can help.

Surety IT can provide a health check that will give you a complete picture of the good and the bad, of the areas that are being done well and the areas to improve. We will explain it to you in language that you understand. Our health checks include network health checks and cloud health checks for your business to make sure nothing is overlooked.

With Surety IT there is no technical jargon and it’s not a take it or leave it report; it’s a discussion document that’s designed for us to collaborate with you over an agreed way forward. Here’s how it works: We will work collaboratively with your key stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of your business and IT systems, then provide a written IT health check report, presented without jargon.

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Our IT Health Check Process

IT Health Check Process

Why We’re Different

With our IT Health Check you’ll not feel overawed or out of your depth, we will explain from start to finish what we are doing and why. You’ll not only understand the items that are causing an impact and what impact they are causing, you’ll also discover the items that are being performed well. We’ll then plan a way forward in partnership with you.

If your IT systems are slowing you down or your IT provider is not providing the service you need, call us today on 1300 478 738 or Email Us and ask us about our IT Health Check.

How We Work

1. Understand

We work closely with you to understand your business goals, challenges, and ideas.

2. Plan

We then identify the best approach and plan your IT Roadmap.

3. Build

We work collaboratively with you through the building phase to ensure you understand the solution.

4. Maintain

We then launch and maintain your solution, with an appropriate support package.

5. Enhance

We will enhance your system to suit your evolving business and technology requirements.


We listen to your feedback and changing needs, and work with you to plan for the future.

Some Of The Great Outcomes We’ve Achieved

We’ve proven time and time again that a small investment from businesses in our IT Health-check can shine a light on areas of technology that are costing you time and money due to poor IT systems implementation or poor IT support.

IT Health Check Features

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Why Choose Surety IT for IT Health Check?

We work closely with clients to understand business needs and develop tailored support and solutions.

Surety IT will work with you to understand your business and tailor the right IT Support solution for you.

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