Technology Stories Making Headlines November 2018

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Extortion attempt hits Aussie defence shipbuilder

Australian defence shipbuilder Austal Limited has revealed it was victim to a cyber attack. Whilst staff phone numbers and email addresses
had been accessed, no data affecting national security nor the commercial operations of Austal have been stolen. The perpetrators
attempted to extort money in exchange for certain information stolen for public sale over the internet. 

E-invoicing won’t be compulsory for all businesses

The Treasury has recently released a discussion paper on e-Invoicing governance between the Australian and New Zealand governments. Despite
believing in the benefits and the government moving forward with the initiative, the ATO has announced, E-invoicing won’t be made

9.4m airline passengers exposed in data breach

Discovered via ongoing IT security processes, Cathay Pacific, the Hong Kong based airline has revealed that unauthorised access to parts of
its passenger data system has been uncovered. As many as 9.4 million passengers personal information such as address, passport numbers and
contact details has been exposed. The airline is currently notifying customer affected by the data breach. 

Samsung gives first glimpse of foldable phone

In a conference for developers in San Francisco, Samsung has unveiled its much-anticipated foldable phone. Opening in a clamshell
style and flattening out for a tablet size display, the Infinity Flex Display required development of new materials and processes to
make it functional. It’s still unclear as to when it will be released but rumours say we may see it in February 2019.

Netflix sued by Satanic Temple

Seeking more than $65 million in a copyright suit, The Satanic Temple has sued Netflix and Warner Bros Entertainment for alleged
unauthorised use of a statue of the goat-headed deity Baphomet in "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina".
  The temple alleges that the statue contains several "original expression" elements and is subject to copyright and
has been used in 4 episodes of the series.

Racv ‘system error’ empties bank accounts, credit cards

Causing maxed out credit cards and drained bank accounts, RACV has blamed a "system error" for the repeated direct debits against
select customers. Understandably ropable, customers have reported up to tens of thousands of dollars being taken. RACV is yet to
clarify if any compensation will be offered to those affected but is working to reverse the incorrect transactions as quickly as

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About the author:

Geoff Stewart

Geoff Stewart

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