The Importance of Backup Servers in Business

Data security has become a huge industry. With the information your business generates being a prime target for hackers, secure backups offer peace of mind that enterprises can’t afford to skip. Data security concerns are only growing across the world, with security giant Norton estimating that there are approximately 2,200 cyber attacks per day. That’s not even counting the other threats that business data faces from natural disasters, failing equipment and human error. In this article we want to discuss the importance of backup servers in business and uncover the threats that your data faces on a daily basis.


What is Data Backup?

Above all else, data backup is the key to preventing data loss in your business. A major part of IT strategy, putting a backup and recovery plan in place means you will always have an up-to-date copy of your data at hand.

There are three key types of backups used to prevent data loss in businesses:

  • Local backups. Perhaps the simplest method of backing up data, local backups involve setting up local servers – typically onsite at your business’ location – and periodically saving your data there. This can be an expensive solution, but for small businesses or high-security industries, it’s often the most desirable option.
  • Remote backups. Traditionally, backing up your data meant sending a copy to remote servers. Whether the servers are owned by your company or the service provider, your information is backed up to physical storage that lives offsite and away from your ordinary place of business, offering an extra layer of security.
  • Cloud backups. An increasingly popular, affordable and flexible option for businesses, there are now plenty of operators offering cloud backup services. Typically supplied for an ongoing fee, cloud hosting services allow you to automatically upload and download your data on demand from wherever you are in the world, making this a popular option for businesses with remote or travelling workforces.

Whatever type of storage you use, modern backups rely on software to automate the process. At regular intervals – such as hourly, daily or weekly – specialist software will automatically transfer copies of your critical data to your secure storage. In some cases, backups will even hold onto a version history of your data, meaning you can recover earlier copies if you need to.


Protect Against Disasters

While we’d rather not experience any major disasters or failures in our business, accidents do happen, and events like floods and fires can pose a real risk to your data. Securing your information with regular, periodic backups to offsite or cloud locations means you will be able to recover the information if your business ever suffers a disaster. When lost or ruined data can interrupt your business and cause strain between you and your clients, having copies of critical information allows you to trade on without interruption. This doesn’t just protect your short term profits. It protects your reputation as a business and your relationships with clients.


Secure Data Protection

The internet has revolutionised the way we work and store data. But, it has also opened up a new avenue for outside attackers to reach the important and sensitive data that your business handles. With almost everything we do now being stored online in one place or another, businesses have become a common target of hackers and malicious viruses. This means your data is at risk of being stolen, corrupted or hacked, regardless of the size of your business.

The issue of external threats is especially important for companies that employ people with a wide range of tech-savvy. While some of your employees might have no trouble avoiding things like phishing scams or malware, misunderstandings and simple errors can lead to your systems being compromised through your employees’ actions. Having your data backed up allows you to recover information if a mistake or malicious attack corrupts your information, and it will add a layer of security to protect against threats like viruses


Invest in Reliable Backup and Recovery Services with Surety IT Today!

With data security and backups having a major impact on the way you do business, it’s never too late to invest in backup and recovery protection. Having secure copies of your work means you’ll never find yourself compromised by disasters, hackers or simple human error. Surety IT designs secure, reliable backup strategies for enterprises across Australia. The Business IT support and backup solutions we offer are tailored to meet the needs of your business and its security requirements. Talk to us today to find out more or to book an IT Health Check with our experienced team!

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